Special gratitude to all these individuals (including those yet unnamed) and groups who have made a significant contribution through their inspiration, time, skills and/or resource, enabling a passion for history and wildlife to be realised. They have participated in creating a legacy that seeks to enhance and protect natural habitats supporting the thriving of all fauna and flora in congruence with our own industrial, architectural and environmental heritage forged at Howietoun by Sir James Maitland in 1873.

Dr Alan Law
Alan, Angie & Lisa Bruce
Allyson Allison
Andrew Campbell
Bobby Pearson
Carol Evans

Carol Pearson
Cathie Dawson (nee Murray)
Claire Portis Life Coach
Craig Anderson
Dave Sanderson
Diane & Phil Etherson
Dr Elizabeth Kungu
Emily Platt
Florina Temudo
Guy Harewood
Heather & Ramsay Young
Hector Maclennan
Ian & Kate Mathieson
James Cockfield
Dr John Rankin
Judi Saunders

Julie Christie
Karina Macleod
Karren Smith
Kim Bielby

Louise Russell
Lucy Stevens
Margaret Young
Molly Jones
Michaela Hancock
Natasha Woest
Neil Bielby
Phil Lusby MBE
Paul Dorrington
Rex Jayne
Robert & Catriona Brown
Prof Ronald Roberts
Rosie Third
Roger & Mary Gooch
Roger Stewart
Roy Burns
Scottish Badgers
Sharon Pearson
Sheena Huggett
Susan McKinley
The Conservation Volunteers
The Murray Family (Hugh & Lynda)
Thorsten Hanke
Mr Tony Rogers F.R.C.S