Old Victorian Fishery

Original Howietoun Ponds

Courtesy of Google Maps

A total of 32 fit-for-purpose ponds with a Botanical Pond heading the formation of the herringbone ponds at the far end. The Summer House is positioned in Pond 13 noted as the “Island Pond”. In order to maintain the integrity of the fishery, we aim to restore and reinstate the surrounding Victorian wrought iron fencing. The original fishery ponds are in relative condition and will lend themselves to conservation works including weed clearance and healthy water-flow management (obtained by means of a sluice from the adjoining Canglour Burn). Restocking of fish into some of the ponds is a consideration to honour their original purpose, but it is not intended to reintroduce any form of commercial aquaculture activity. Instead, to rather create rich aqua biodiversity and facilitate such works as to allow academic research and educational interpretation and appreciation of the engineering of the original Victorian structures which paved the way for aquaculture and was still in use until 2017. Alongside recognition of this unique industrial heritage, the biodiverse habitat provision of the site will also be a key element and data recordings and ecological studies are already underway.