ONGOING: Meticulous extraction of significant waste and hazards suffocating the landscape, including excessive barbed wire and snares. Some visible, some buried. Alongside the surrounding Old Sauchiemill land management, that also supports the Charity objectives, as of May 2022 a collection of 19 skips were filled for removal.

MARCH 2022: A Big THANK YOU to People’s Postcode Trust for their support. This included funds to purchase Holly Hedging to replace the rusty barbed wire fence in March 2022 and introduce a natural evergreen boundary barrier. Apart from offering food and shelter for wildlife, it will also act as a natural wind break to support Sir James Maitland’s original choice for the ponds location, allowing them to thrive in their own micro-climate. Old Sauchiemill’s tree planting in the surrounding field assists with this objective by mirroring the landscape shown in the Old Victorian photographs.