About Us

The Howietoun Heritage and Nature Sanctuary Charitable Trust, SC050605 was founded by Michelle Pearson and became a registered charity on the 1st of December 2020. 

Howietoun (marked in blue) is located within the grounds of Old Sauchiemill, Stirling Scotland, once forming part of the Old Sauchieburn Estate, a short distance from the Bannockburn Monument, and site of the 1488 Battle of Sauchieburn.

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The Charity purpose is the advancement of:
1. Heritage, the Arts, Culture, and Science
2. Environmental Protection and Improvement
3. Animal Welfare

Footage Courtesy of Dr Alan Law

We aim to:

  • Preserve this internationally recognized heritage site, founded by Sir James Maitland in 1873, known as the “Cradle of Aquaculture” by restoring its unique buildings. In particular, The Summer House, currently on the building at risk register and its Water Channels and Ponds, to showcase the fine Victorian Engineering that once housed Howietoun Trout used to stock waters worldwide.
  • Protect and enhance the biodiversity of the landscape, the 32 freshwater ponds to be used to also provide varying natural habitats housing varieties of re-emerging aquatic species and plant life.

We are embarking on a 5/6 year restoration plan. We currently provide an educational resource for conservation and research and as the project evolves, it will include showcasing its significant historic structures whilst providing a safe haven for nature to flourish.

Old Sauchiemill, Stirling fulfils Nature Reserve activities to support the Charity and is a Land Partner of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture Northwoods Rewilding Network. Howietoun subscribes and is committed to supporting these same SCOTLAND: The Big Picture core rewilding principles. https://www.scotlandbigpicture.com/northwoods